Alexandra is a sculptress. She mainly works with a ceramic material. Perhaps already by choosing a university, the focus on children in her work is often evident, and the children are also enthusiastic about the "users" of her outdoor art creations. These were ordered by the municipal authorities of many cities: Praha, Liberec, Hradec Králové, Zlín, Kladno, České Budějovice, Amersfoort, Nijmegen, Lipno nad Vltavou, and many others.
Alexandra has recently found investors among the private Czech clientele.
She has been able to present her work regularly in public in temporary installations since 2015 in the Sculpture line project.
A distinctive feature of the work of Alexandra Koláčková are colored large-format sculptures made of ceramics and concrete into the public environment. Its artistic concept is characterized by an expressive color scale, simple round morphology and a sense of playful element that is almost ubiquitous. In a dehumanized and often dull public space, her sculptures are particularly enthusiastic about the positively oriented public.
The sculpture studio, which Alexandra Koláčková originally founded with her husband Jiří Koláček, is unique in her work in the Czech Republic not only because she stubbornly promotes the use of ceramics as the final material in her projects, but also by combining the traditional technology of working with clay with modern building procedures. In the Mediterranean countries and other warm regions, ceramic material is widely used in outdoor art projects, but it has to face the complications associated with temperature fluctuations, especially in the winter months. Alexandra Koláčková's studio pays maximum attention to technological issues and, in addition to artistic criteria, guarantees a high-quality craft that encourages confidence in the use of ceramic material in the creation of sculptures and in our environment.

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